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My Story

My life changed in February of 2011 after a long battle with physical and emotional health issues.  I decided to take a break from my nursing career. I was no longer able to safely take care of my patients. I had been seeking help through western medicine for many years and not getting any better.

My life had been a struggle day in and day out at that point. My quality of life was very compromised at the age of 39. My future felt very bleak. I could not smile or feel emotions. With my husband’s support I started to experiment with alternative health care modalities and open my mind to natural solutions.

In April of 2013 my friend Sheila invited a group of friends to come learn how to use doTERRA essential oils. She had brought HOPE in many tiny bottles. I desperately needed a natural solution that would not create anymore medical side effects. I had FOUND it!

I started simply with a diffuser and some mood-lifting oil blends. My well-being gradually improved. I started to SMILE again! The continued exposure to the essential oils’ organic effects allowed healing to occur. It was AMAZING!

I also discovered through Sheila’s doTERRA essential oil class that I had 37 symptoms associated with an unbalanced gut microflora. None of my western or alternative health care providers had ever mentioned this before. We also discussed the impact of toxins on our body, the importance of nutrition & exercise, and how essential oils can help cleanse the body. I started a 90 day cleanse protocol, never having cleansed before! About 60 days into the cleanse I noticed symptoms I had suffered for years dissipating! As the cleanse continued more and more symptoms DISAPPEARED!

I was able to SLEEP through the night, my emotional WELL-BEING was balanced, my digestive system was functioning NORMALLY, female issues became… less of an issue, and my reaction to pollens was GONE.

4 months following the 90 day cleanse, I had lost a healthy 20 pounds by cleaning up my body and providing it with whole-food supplementation. I felt AMAZING physically and emotionally! My QUALITY of life had risen. My future was looking BRIGHT.

Since that first introduction to doTERRA essential oils, I have not looked back!!! My life has been blessed beyond explanation. I have been able to retire my nursing career and move forward helping people through natural solutions. I have become very PASSIONATE to educate whoever is OPEN to listen on how doTERRA essential oils can change their lives. My nursing background gives me INSIGHT into disease processes and their root cause. Destroying the root cause is where MAGIC HAPPENS! Many ailments stem from malnutrition and toxicity.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I hope it has empowered YOU TO TAKE CONTROL of your health and well-being!

I host weekly educational events in the surrounding areas of Salem, OR. I travel to Washington, Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and California to support my Wellness Team growing in these states.  Also, I connect with people around the world with my online educational webinars and social media platforms.

I am happy to support and guide you to a higher quality of life through the use of doTERRA essential oils and their whole-food supplementation, so you can stop JUST LIVING and START THRIVING in life again!

In health & wellness,

Angie Sherman, RN retired
Certified Holistic Health Coach
doTERRA Wellness Advocate #417044