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Work With a Local Leader

I have built my doTERRA business to a leadership position within the company and I can help YOU do the same.  I am actively looking for Oregon & Washington residents who are self-motivated, big thinkers and dreamers, change makers who are passionate about natural health care modalities and would like to become financially free by creating residual income in their lives through the sales of doTERRA essential oils.

Essential oil sales can be a compliment to your current profession or business that may not provide you with a residual income stream.  Do you have to trade your time for ever dollar you make?  If so, then you truly will want to consider our business opportunity.  I conduct free business overviews laying out the specifics of the doTERRA difference, our compensation plan, time commitments needed and the income potentials.

Schedule a business overview TODAY with Angie.  Receive an exclusive BONUS video presentation of “The 4 Year Retirement Plan” and learn how creating residual income through doTERRA may be YOUR vehicle to financial & time freedom!

New to essential oils?  We got you covered. doTERRA has huge support through videos, eBook, and online webinars in place for your educational needs.  Plus, you have ME to help guide you through my LIVE classes and online webinars.

Take back control of your health, your family’s health, your financial security, your financial future and create a legacy all in one! Get started TODAY!

Why work with ME a local leader?

  • I will COME to you to help kick start your business and provide you hands-on training.
  • My goal is to have you working independently from me as soon as possible, however; in the beginning I will co-teach your first few classes until you are ready to FLY on your own.
  • You and your customers/leaders will be welcomed to attend my events.  Please come and learn LIVE or online.
  • Need supplies/oils last minute I have you covered.
  • Collaborate with other local leaders on my team to host introductory classes, continuing education events, business trainings, retreats, and customer appreciation events.  Share the costs and effort.
  • Work together on vendor booths to split expenses when getting started to help you grow your business outside of your warm market network.
  • Carpool to corporate events and trainings.
  • Make lots of new friends and create lasting relationships sharing oils, changing lives…changing the world.

Do you live out of area?

I am actively growing my business in multiple out of area locations most recently Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; and Atlanta, Georgia.

How can I support you growing your essential oil business from out of state?

  • By offering weekly mentoring calls via phone or through virtual zoom meetings.
  • Performing 3 way calls with potential business partners in your network.
  • Connect you with multiple facebook support groups for essential oil usage and business mentoring.
  • Conduct zoom virtual classes (Introductory and Continuing Education) for your current and potential customers.
  • Travel to your area to perform LIVE business training and essential oil classes.
  • Connect you with local area essential oil enthusiasts or I like to call them “EOEs.”

Schedule your business overview with Me TODAY and find out if my leadership is a good fit for you!

Angie at doTERRA Leadership Retreat March of 2016 in Long Beach, CA with her enroller and longtime friend, Sheila Clark.

Angie putting together her 2016 Christmas appreciation gifts for her business partners and customers.

L.O.V.E. them Oils local team participating in Sublimity’s Christmas light parade in 2016. We won “best themed.”

Biz Starter Kits

Not enrolled in doTERRA yet?  Schedule a business overview with Angie TODAY and learn why getting started with a Fast Start business kit has it’s advantages.  Receive BONUS video presentation “The 4 Year Retirement Plan”

To receive commissions in doTERRA you must place a 100pv minimum loyalty rewards program order every month.  These entrepreneurial  kits below start you at a higher percentage in the loyalty rewards program so you earn more product points and get to the maximum 30% quicker.  These product points can be used to grow your business by having more product on hand for sampling, reselling, and your own promotional offers.

Next you can receive a lump sum of BONUS product points after 60 days in the loyalty rewards program.  So you will be getting more for your money on your initial business investment.  And lastly, starting with more doTERRA product to share will allow you to offer your customers more exposure to doTERRA products resulting in higher enrollment sales and continued reordering.

Check out these Powerful Kits:


*Savings $866

Smartest way to get your business started. Be ready to share doTERRA’s full product line with your customers and create your own testimonials of the products. Most product for your money.

*Qualify for $400 Bonus product points & increased rebate 25% by signing up for Loyalty Rewards program upon enrollment.

Every Oils

*Savings $630

Be prepared to share all of doTERRA’s essential oils & oil blends. Comes with carrying case and diffuser.

*Qualify for $200 Bonus product points & increased rebate 20% by signing up for Loyalty Rewards program upon enrollment.

Natural Solutions

*Savings $229

The best kit to get you and your household chemical free and green. Includes boosted nutrition to help essential oils work better, 4 & 8 hour Aromalite diffuser, wooden storage box and much more.

*Qualify for $100 Bonus product points & increased rebate 15% by signing up for Loyalty Rewards program upon enrollment.