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Hi! My name is Angie. I have been teaching essential oil classes for 4+ years. I would like to help you get started using doTERRA essential oils which are a true “gift of the earth.”

Are you overwhelmed? I was at first. Let me assure you with a little bit of guidance and support from me you will be an essential oil ROCKSTAR user in no time.

Why join my community of essential oil users?

* I teach LIVE and ONLINE introductory classes on basic essential oil use. Future class dates
* I offer advanced education on essential oil use by conducting specialized continuing education classes LIVE and ONLINE on topics such as digestive health, mood management, oil blending, stress relief, chakra balancing, and immune support to name a few.
* All new wholesale customers will receive a FREE 50 minute Wellness Consult on how to get started with the oils you purchased for your specific health concerns from ME, a retired RN & now Certified Holistic Health Coach.

ENROLLED with ME? Schedule your FREE essential oil consult here and receive Bonus ebook “Internal Use of Essential Oils

* Upon buying a kit of oils, I will send you a detailed email shortly with an ebook for you to print “Essential Oil for Beginner’s,” where to purchase aromatherapy supplies, and what you will need to help you use your oils more effectively, safely, and economically.  And lastly, how to set up an appointment for your FREE 50 minute Wellness Consult.
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Why purchase doTERRA essential oils at retail pricing when becoming a wholesale customer is so simple and easy? Sign up here

Wholesale Customer Benefits:

  • Receive 25% wholesale discount for a year on all doTERRA essential oils and essential oil products
  • No monthly ordering required
  • Personal ONLINE shopping page available 24/7 or call to place orders at 1.800.411.8151, M-F 7am-6pm PST, Sat. 8am-12pm PST, Sun. closed
  • Get back shipping costs in free product credits
  • Yearly membership renewal fee $25, receive a thank you gift of 15ml Peppermint essential oil from doTERRA

For boosted Wholesale Customer benefits JOIN the Loyalty Rewards Program at time of enrollment!

Loyalty Rewards Program and Additional Member Benefits:

  • A loyalty rewards order is a re-occurring monthly order that can be customized, adjusted, or cancelled at anytime.
  • Receive 10-30% back in free product credits (percentage grows over time depending on kit you start with)
  • LRP orders of 125 pv (product value) placed on or before the 15th of the month, receive a FREE Product of the Month
  • Receive 100% of shipping costs back in product credits for each order
  • Supports lasting life-style habits and transformation physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Add Lifelong Vitality Pack or Daily Nutrient Pack and receive products shown below at significant savings

Interested in earning an income sharing and educating others on essential oils? Click here for more information on becoming a Wellness Advocate.

Enrollment KITS

See Monthly Product and/or Enrollment Promotions before ordering: Check Out current promotions here

Before we get into the essential oil kits, the FUN kits, I invite you to look my page on cellular cleansing and the root of most dis-ease in our bodies.  doTERRA has created a Cleanse & Restore starter kit  (* Savings $130.50) to correct malnutrition and reduce our body’s toxic load.  This may be where you want to start your essential oil journey; internally with our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA essential oils.  Be sure to check out my before and after pictures of completing the 90 day cellular cleanse and then my current pictures after 4+ years of using doTERRA essential oils and supplements.

Start With a KIT and SAVE $35


*Savings $866

Smartest way to get your business started. Be ready to share doTERRA’s full product line with your customers and create your own testimonials of the products. Most product for your money. *Qualify for $400 Bonus product points & increased rebate 25% by signing up for Loyalty Rewards program upon enrollment.

Every Oils

*Savings $630

Be prepared to share all of doTERRA’s essential oils & oil blends. Comes with carrying case and diffuser. *Qualify for $200 Bonus product points & increased rebate 20% by signing up for Loyalty Rewards program upon enrollment.

Natural Solutions

*Savings $229

The best kit to get you and your household chemical free and green. Includes boosted nutrition to help essential oils work better, 4 & 8 hour Aromalite diffuser, wooden storage box and much more. *Qualify for $100 Bonus product points & increased rebate 15% by signing up for Loyalty Rewards program upon enrollment.

Home Essentials

*Savings $86

The most popular essential oils in 15 ml bottles. 3 times the amount of essential oils than the Family Essentials & Beadlet kit plus a diffuser for only $125 more. Don’t forget to add a fractionated coconut oil. 

Emotional Aromatherapy

*Savings $69

Reprogram your thought processes and benefit physically. This kit will equip you for all your emotional needs. Diffuse essential oil blends or apply topically. Don’t forget to add a fractionated coconut oil.

Family Essentials & Beadlets

essential oils 101

Savings $37

Get a wide variety of the most popular essential oils & oil blends in 5 ml bottles for common everyday uses. Don’t forget to add a diffuser or fractionated coconut oil.

AromaTouch Diffused

Savings $32

Set yourself up for all 3 application uses of doTERRA essential oils & oil blends: aromatic, topical, and internal. This kit focuses on relief of stress, boosting immune system, reducing inflammatory responses, and bringing your body back into balance (homeostasis).